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Donnie Yen Chi Dan ist ein Schauspieler, Actionchoreograph, Kampfkünstler und Regisseur chinesischer Herkunft. Donnie Yen Chi Dan (chinesisch 甄子丹, Pinyin Zhēn Zǐdān, Jyutping Jan1 Zi2​daan1; * Juli in Guangzhou) ist ein Schauspieler, Actionchoreograph. Donnie Yen. Chinesischer Schauspieler, Regisseur und Actionchoreograf. Unter den Martial-Arts-Artisten Hongkongs und Chinas gilt Donnie Yen als Meister. Chinesischer Schauspieler, Regisseur und Actionchoreograf. Unter den Martial-​Arts-Artisten Hongkongs und Chinas gilt Donnie Yen als Meister stilistischen. Donnie Yen ist ein wahrer Meister der Kampfkunst und verleiht durch sein spezielles Know-how aufregenden Kampfszenen die passende Würze.

donnie yen Man kennt Donnie Yen vor allem für ernstere Rollen, etwa als Bruce Lees Meister in der „Ip Man“-Reihe. Im China der Vorkriegszeit ist IP Man (Donnie Yen) der berühmteste Vertreter der Martial-Arts-Kampfkunst "WingTsun". Doch als die Japaner ins Land. Donnie Yen Chi Dan ist ein Schauspieler, Actionchoreograph, Kampfkünstler und Regisseur chinesischer Herkunft.

For the third installment in the Ip Man series, we want to have an explosive fight, and Mike Tyson versus Donnie Yen fits the bill.

Stay tuned for more details! Not only will I go to the hospital, I might die! Filming is set to start sometime in March.

Looks like the Yenster will be having one helluva year! At 51 years old, Yen is still going as strong as ever. I hope they change the title Noodle Man to something else.

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The film is set to open in Asia this Christmas and in the U. Stay tuned for details. He was a very curious teenager who sought to exchange martial arts knowledge with people from different martial arts backgrounds, which led to him gaining profound knowledge in practical martial arts and having a reputation as a street brawler.

One reported occasion confirms Yen as being an efficient martial artist. According to news reports by Hong Kong news channels in the late s, Yen was at a nightclub with his then-girlfriend, Joey Meng.

Inside the nightclub, Meng was harassed by a troublesome gang that had taken an interest in her.

Yen warned them to leave her alone, but they persisted to cause trouble. As Yen and Meng left the club, the gang followed and attacked Yen.

Yen beat up eight members of the gang who were later hospitalized. World class fighters, such as former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Cung Le and former World Boxing Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson , who have worked with Donnie Yen in the films Bodyguards and Assassins and Ip Man 3 , respectively, have both claimed that Yen is an incredible martial artist and would do well in authentic combat.

However, it was ultimately Yen who fractured Tyson's finger while using his elbow to block Tyson's punches. Donnie Yen was considered as one of the premiere action choreographers in the world, having been invited by Hollywood to choreograph blockbusters such as Blade II , Highlander: Endgame , and Shanghai Knights.

In Asia, he is the action choreographer for most of his movies and has won multiple awards for his action choreography.

He has mentioned that the main differences in filmmaking in Asia and Hollywood are with regards to freedom and control. In Asia, the action choreographer takes over the scene during the fight scene.

This means that for action scenes filmed in Asia, the choreographer becomes the director and is in full control over camera placements, camera angles, and the relationship between the drama and the action; therefore the main director is not needed at all.

While in Hollywood, on the other hand, Yen explains that the action choreographer simply choreographs the actions with the director, who still maintains full control of such settings and camera angles.

Yen also stated that the concept behind Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do is similar to that of MMA, hence the incorporation of many forms of martial arts was a necessity in the film.

In his prime, Donnie stood at 5 feet 8 inches and weighed pounds. Donnie Yen is known to be a very well-built and muscular actor.

Within the Hong Kong cinematic industry, Yen is renowned for his physical fitness, strength, and speed achieved through his use of a strict and disciplined fitness regimen to build up strength and fitness.

However, despite his muscular build, Yen has gained tremendous attention for his dedication to his roles and for the lengths to which he goes to achieve the physical build and appearance of the characters he plays.

In , Yen lost over 30 pounds to reach the weight of pounds to better portray the slender Ip Man and the techniques of wing chun, which focuses on techniques and not strength.

He had to regain his muscular physique for the role and took 6 months through a very delicate and dedicated diet routine.

Focusing on high-protein drinks and vitamin and mineral supplements, he managed to hit pounds for the role. He maintained this bulk and physique while filming The Lost Bladesman , in which he plays Guan Yu , a Chinese general known for his size and spear-fighting abilities.

The couple began dating in After three years of dating, they married secretly in the United States in November The marriage ended in less than a year.

After their divorce was finalized, Leung realized that she was pregnant with their son, Jeff, who was born in Yen later married former beauty queen Cissy Wang after three months of dating.

The couple have two children, Jasmine and James. In various interviews, he has mentioned that he would have loved to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship if he did not have a recurring shoulder injury.

Asia, a new online charity platform encouraging individuals to participate charity works and serve local communities. In October , Donnie Yen was invited to be a guest speaker in front of a crowd of 20, youths for WE Day Vancouver , where he spoke about the hardships he faced growing up and how he overcame difficulties to become the reigning martial arts star.

In , Yen visited refugee camps in Thailand, bringing donations and gifts for the refugees. In December , Yen established a charitable fund, Yen's Honour Protection Fund, with the purpose of empowering celebrities to use the law to defend their honor and reputation.

Yen said the fund "[seeks] to assist and render help to everyone who needs it, most importantly to heal and repair the hearts and dignities which have been affected.

He also produced and dedicated a short clip to thank all medical workers in China in their fight against the coronavirus; the clip was uploaded on Chinese social media site, Weibo, where Yen has over 11 million followers.

He also donated a painting done by himself and his two children, to the frontline medical workers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hong Kong actor, martial artist, film director, producer, and action choreographer.

This is a Chinese name ; the family name is Yen. Guangzhou , Guangdong , China. Actor martial artist film director producer action choreographer.

Leung Zing-ci m. Cissy Wang m. Klyster Yen father Bow-sim Mark mother. Yen in Flash Point Main article: Donnie Yen filmography.

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Eine schicksalhafte Begegnung Wie jeder Jugendliche definierte sich Donnie später durch die Rebellion gegen die Verordnungen seiner Eltern. Doch gerade als die Cops zuschlagen wollen, fliegt Wilsons Deckung auf und die mächtig wütenden Gangsterbosse hetzen der Polizei ihren ultrabrutalen Cleaner Tiger als Revanche auf den Hals. Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. Bewerte : 0. Chinesischer Schauspieler, Regisseur und Actionchoreograf. Box Office statistics. In live action film adaption of the video game Sleeping Dogs was announced, with Yen playing the lead character Wei Shen. Follow Us for the Latest. Follow us on Instagram maactioncinema. Yen focused more info practising wushu seriously at the age of fourteen after dropping out of school. Jayne Stars. Validated Response. Melde dich link, um einen Kommentar zu go here. Donnie explodierte in Hongkongs Filmszene. Xander findet schnell heraus, dass er einer Verschwörung auf der Spur ist, die bis in die höchsten Kreise der Regierung wars episoden reichen scheint. Kam-Yuen Link. Donnie Yen ist ein TГјrkische filme der chinesischen Kampfkunst. Verwandte Suchbegriffe trace deutsch "Donnie Yen" ip man ip man 4. Retrieved 13 October blood ties, Nytimes. Christmas can not come soon enough! Fighting Master. His mother is a soprano, in addition to being a martial teacher in Boston, while his father is a violinist. Retrieved 23 August Yen beat up eight members of the gang who later hospitalized. Retrieved 10 May Retrieved 24 August He also donated a painting done continue reading himself and his two children, to the frontline medical workers. Retrieved 24 January donnie yen Kill Zone S. Inzwischen ist das etwas gelockert worden. Ip Man 4: The Click at this page. Juli die Auswertung fürs Heimkino. Sequel zu "Ip Man": Wie kann es einem durchschnittlichen Familienvater, zwei derart Brutale Gangster so gezielt auszuschalten? Ihre Nachricht. Donnie Yen wurde in Guangzhou, einer chinesischen Stadt nahe Hongkong geboren. News zu Donnie Yen. Dieser Film schaffte es zu weltweitem Erfolg und zwei Fortsetzungen. Dann wird er plötzlich selbst zu einem Verteidiger der Tradition, als Engländer Als nach einem Kampfpartner gefragt wird - gegen Bewerte : 0. Yen und seiner Jugendfreundin wurde in den neunziger Jahren live heute einem Clubbesuch von einer Gang nachgestellt. Kommentar hinterlassen Antworten abbrechen E-Mail Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Vorheriger Artikel. Doch als die Japaner ins Land einmarschieren und seine Heimatstadt gewaltsam einnehmen, kann er nicht mehr für seine Familie sorgen und sieht sich gezwungen, im Bergwerk zu arbeiten. Im China der Vorkriegszeit ist IP Man (Donnie Yen) der berühmteste Vertreter der Martial-Arts-Kampfkunst "WingTsun". Doch als die Japaner ins Land. Man kennt Donnie Yen vor allem für ernstere Rollen, etwa als Bruce Lees Meister in der „Ip Man“-Reihe. Mio. Abonnenten, folgen, Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -​Videos von Donnie Yen 甄子丹 (@donnieyenofficial) an. Alle Infos zu Donnie Yen, bekannt aus Blade II und Hero: Biografie von Donnie YenDonnie Yen feierte in den ern als Kung Fu-Star in Hongkong viele. Die besten Filme mit Donnie Yen, dazu eine Kurz-Biografie. Von Ip Man bis Rogue One. Welches ist seine beste Darbietung?

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Weitere Informationen gibt es in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. Der Reaper ist eine Vampirmutation, die sowohl Menschen, als auch andere Vampire anfällt. Dies sind nur die Empfehlungen unsererseits und wir würden gerne hören, was du über die Arbeit von Donnie Yen zu sagen hast. Zum Trailer. Bis zu dem Tag, an dem er zufällig Zeuge eines Raubüberfalls wird und die beiden Räuber aus Selbstverteidigung tötet. Von diesem Zeitpunkt bis heute gilt er als eine der Hauptfiguren des chinesischen Action-Kinos.

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